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Your monitor can affect the color, contrast and brightness.  Photographs are printed
at 360 dpi and the image files are from 30 to 300 megabytes depending on print size.
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This is a fine art nature, scenic and wildlife photography gallery.  On this photo site  you can view  waterfalls photographs, scenic photos of lakes and
mountains, wildlife photography from the United Sates and Africa, lighthouses in of Maine, Oregon, and Nova Scotia.  There are fine art photographs of
scenes with fall color in New England, flowers  photos, birds photography , insects including butterflies and dragonflies, and tropical scenes of islands, palm
trees and sunsets.  There are nature photographs of National Parks such as Yosemite, Glacier,, Zion Crater Lake and more.  You can purchase photographic
prints or digital images. You will find more than 35 galleries and more than 450 pages of images to view.  I hope  that you enjoy this photo gallery  and
return often to view more photographic images, and if you find a photograph that you enjoy and wish to purchase, I personally guarantee the quality of the
photo print that you receive.  Bob Sherwood
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